11 April 2022

Welcome to my personal website!
My name is Roger Hartopp, and I am a writer, teacher, conversationalist, cartoonist and proof checker (and with my wife, translator of Polish texts). I am the author of a book called Typical Errors in English, and also manage a website of the same name which you can discover at .
Here are the latest bits of news concerning me and this site...

11 April 2022: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: fitness

23 March 2022: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: retirement

18 February 2022: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: weekends

ONE topic retired: perceptions

15 December 2021: Conversation rates for new students will be increased on January 1, 2022. The cost for a one-hour online lesson will go up from 65 zlotys to 70 zlotys. This does not affect students already having lessons with me: you will stay at the 2021 rates until the summer unless there is some kind of financial crisis in Poland. Even so, when compared to other native speakers on the Polish market, my rates are still lower than average!

26 November 2021: Online English for year eight primary students and secondary students in Poland is now available to help prepare for final exams (egzamin ósmoklasisty i egzamin maturalny z języka angielskiego). These will be conducted by an experienced native-like Polish teacher. The cost for 60 minutes will be 45 zlotys including online materials. For more details please contact through this site

15 November 2021: Updates to #23 and #30 as regards lessons cancelled on the day or for internet problems.

23 August 2021: An update in FAQs and in cennik (prices), with all references to coursebook lessons now removed. From the 1 September 2021 I will be focussing on my conversation topics - there are now one hundred and need regular maintenance and updating, and I really have no time to do coursebooks!

16 August 2021: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: numbers


15 July 2021: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: a, an & the

21 June 2021: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Poland


8 May 2021: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: United Kingdom

4 May 2021: Updates to #3, #4 & #5 in FAQs, along with an additional question at #27: Can you help me with my proofing, homework, text I've written, prepare exercises for me?

2 April 2021: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Quality

19 March 2021: An update in FAQs with #23, clarifying the rules further as regards on-the-day cancellations, particularly with illnesses.

In addition, the whole site has now been made mobile-phone friendly, so now you can read this thing properly on your phones!


12 February 2021: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Conversation

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Many things connected with the English language, particularly with art, writing, proofing, checking, speaking and practising English.


Website (oh, that's this...):

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0048 693 327 372 (Poland)




CURRICULUM VITAE. Who I am. My curriculum vitae. My resume. Whatever you like to call it, this is what I am about if you want to seriously consider me for some wonderful tasks.


CONTACT. If you want to write to me, speak to me, e-mail me, and so on...


CARTOONY UNIVERSE. Here are a few samples of artwork from my trusty pens. Some are shortly to be published in the book, one has been used for a company website, and others are just simply for my amusement. Do you want something similar for your company?


TYPICAL ERRORS IN ENGLISH. Are you a second language learner of English? If so, and if you are from Poland or Central Europe, or even from other European language countries, then this is the grammar book for you. Written and illustrated by myself, and published by TERTIUM, Typical Errors in English may be the book for you. So If you need someone who's good with their grammar...


STORIES AND POEMS. Are you a literary agent desperately looking for the next J.K.? Or Stig Larrson? You may wish to look further, but not before you check out some samples...


ENGLISH CONVERSATION LESSONS. Are you learning English as a second language? Do you need to practise your conversational skills? Let me know if you are interested.


PUBLISHED WORKS. All the books that I have been involved in as a writer, editor or proofing.


PROOFING. If you are a budding writer who has had their work translated into English but are unsure of the quality, I might be able to help check your texts.


PUBLICITY. Pictures and a report from my visit as a guest at the 19th annual book fair in Krakow, Poland. There are some press cuttings where I have helped to make the news, along with other materials such as publicity posters for my book.

Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour