20 February 2020

Welcome to my personal website: I am the author of a book called Typical Errors in English, and I also manage a website of the same name which you can discover at www.typicalerrorsinenglish.com . New cartoons and new features have been added, and don't forget the facebook page. I am also a writer, teacher, conversationalist, cartoonist and proof checker. Find out more below...
20 February 2020: In CONVERSATIONS, TWO new topics added: Negotiations and Human resources
12 February 2020: In FAQs, a new question 25: Is it possible to be kept informed about any new topics, prices, news, and so on?


10 February 2020: New prices come into force for conversation lessons. If you are an existing customer who has been with me up until the Malopolska Winter Holiday (That is, before the 27 January) your prices will remain as they are until at least the summer, or if my National Insurance (ZUS) bill goes up considerably in 2020. Otherwise, the new price list can be found here. Remember, these prices are subject to change at short notice.
19 January 2020: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Typical Errors in English
9 December 2019: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Spontaneity
13 November 2019: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Motivation
23 October 2019: In ENGLISH CONVERSATION FAQs, there is an update to one of the conditions (number 9 to be precise) in my FAQ section as regards my conversation lessons. Don't worry - it's only about the use of business applications rather than SKYPE.
10 October 2019: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Meetings
20 September 2019: In CONVERSATIONS, ONE new topic added: Good or evil
Typical Errors in English

TEE (Typical Errors in English), is a grammar book that takes a more humorous and informal look at the mistakes learners of English can make, is now in the shops in Poland. It is also available online if you have trouble finding it.

The website is now over two hundred pages and contains a lot of material that you will not find in this wonderful publication (including a sampler). And there is the site's Facebook page where you can also be updated on any news from this site.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/typicalerrorsinenglish

and add your like. I do try to update it regularly. 

Available for:

Many things connected with the English language, particularly with art, writing, proofing, checking, speaking and practicing English.


Website (oh, that's this...):


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0048 693 327 372 (Poland)






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CURRICULUM VITAE. Who I am. My curriculum vitae. My resume. Whatever you like to call it, this is what I am about if you want to seriously consider me for some wonderful tasks.


CONTACT. If you want to write to me, speak to me, e-mail me, and so on...


CARTOONY UNIVERSE. Here are a few samples of artwork from my trusty pens. Some are shortly to be published in the book, one has been used for a company website, and others are just simply for my amusement. Do you want something similar for your company?


TYPICAL ERRORS IN ENGLISH. Are you a second language learner of English? If so, and if you are from Poland or Central Europe, or even from other European language countries, then this is the grammar book for you. Written and illustrated by myself, and published by TERTIUM, Typical Errors in English may be the book for you. So If you need someone who's good with their grammar...


STORIES AND POEMS. Are you a literary agent desperately looking for the next J.K.? Or Stig Larrson? You may wish to look further, but not before you check out some samples...


ENGLISH CONVERSATION LESSONS. Are you learning English as a second language? Do you need to practise your conversational skills? Let me know if you are interested.


PUBLISHED WORKS. All the books that I have been involved in as a writer, editor or proofing.


PROOFING. If you are a budding writer who has had their work translated into English but are unsure of the quality, I might be able to help check your texts.


PUBLICITY. Pictures and a report from my visit as a guest at the 19th annual book fair in Krakow, Poland. There are some press cuttings where I have helped to make the news, along with other materials such as publicity posters for my book.

Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

All media on this website is © Roger Hartopp 2020, except where noted that they are the copyright of a contributor.

Please do not copy without permission. If you link directly to one of my cartoons held on this site, please credit where you got it from...

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