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Roger Hartopp

Roger P W Hartopp, Dip ELS (Open)
ul. Wesele 20/6
30-127 Kraków

0048 693 327 372


Professional information

Who is this person?

First, let me summarise who exactly this Roger Hartopp individual is, I am also, or have been, and I'm sure I can still do or be:


  • A cartoonist;

  • An English language instructor;

  • An excellent conversationalist for learners of English;

  • On British radio with a regular 5 minute slot on the BBC;

  • A writer;

  • A proof-checker;

  • The author of a grammar book (which you know about already);

  • The husband to a beautiful wife and two gorgeous boys.


If you want to learn more, just... well, you know what to do. But if you get frustrated like our student on the home page or on the cover of the Typical Errors in English book, well, I'm not sure what else is possible.


But still. If you're interested in writing, cartoons, or English language skills, you've arrived in the right place... 


Key Skills and abilities 

  • Proficient public speaker, broadcast quality voice

  • Communication skills with media bodies such as newspaper, radio and television

  • Keyboard and computing skills in Word

  • Excellent writing skills including material for press releases, magazines, brochures and websites

  • Full clean driving licence

  • Creating word documents

  • Cartoonist


Employment History

English language instructor

Various language schools and self-employment, August 1998-June 2002; Krakow, Poland November 2002 to date

  • Conducting language courses

  • Conversation in General & Business English at company locations upon school request

  • Assisting school over conducting language courses under BRITISH COUNCIL & EAQUALS accreditation conditions

  • Company courses in general English for FIAT employees financed by the European Union PHARE programmes

  • Proofreading of written texts translated into English

  • Creating courses on typical errors in English and how to correct them 


Press & publicity assistant, Marketing assistant

ARRIVA FOX COUNTY LIMITED (formerly Midland Fox, Midland Red East), Leicester, UK March 1983-August 1998

  • Dealing with public enquiries both by phone and face-to-face

  • Designing timetable layouts in print and in public display

  • Designing advertisements

  • Liasing with media: newspapers, radio, television


Hobbies & Interests

Before working abroad, I used to spend some time contributing projects to a Cable TV company in Leicester. I have broadcast experience, making regular contributions in the past to BBC Radio Leicester. I am a keen writer on the subject of the English language as well as writing stories for my children, with many of these examples posted on the Internet.


I have authored and illustrated a book on grammar, published in Poland at the end of 2014. I also enjoy working in video, with writing and narration work for English language translations from Polish.


Outside of writing, I enjoy travelling to various places around the world, map-reading, and I particularly enjoy driving: I regard my navigational skills in the UK and abroad as excellent.


I am also keen on drawing cartoons either for the entertainment of my children or placing onto my website. I am also keen to extend my knowledge as regards creating websites - I have put together this website and the www.typicalerrorsinenglish com website myself.



These are available on request.



2010 - present

2010 - present

Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

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