English conversation: The subjects


I have a full A-Z list below of all the subjects, but for those students who only want to discuss particular areas, I have broken the topics down into these sections:

Activities: being boring, driving, exciting stuff, good cook bad cook, laziness, music, pets, procrastination, Polish TV, public holidays, reading, shopping, sport, summer/annual holidays 

Attitudes and Perceptions: apathy, being boring, conspiracy theories, cynicism, dares, dilemmas, ecomentalism, exciting stuff, good or evil, grumpiness, happiness, humour, laziness, nimbyism, perceptions, procrastination, snobbery, town mouse or country mouse, vanity, wimpy kid, young at heart

Business/Work: breaking the rules, competitiveness, control freak, dilemmas, English language, ethics at work, give us a job, good boss, good job bad job, man or a mouse, meetings, presentations, procrastination, public holidays, risk, self-esteem, stress at work, success or failure, team player, thick skin, workaholism

Difficult topics (subjects that are not usually discussed, may have an emotional impact, or other areas which might come with a warning): are you financially savvy, are you getting old, fear and terror, good or evil, health and illness, hypochondria, man or a mouse, money, pets, politics, religion, romance, stress at work, thick skin, vanity, wimpy kid, workaholism, young at heart

Finance and competition: Are you financially savvy, competitiveness, money, nimbyism, shopping

Health: anger, being boring, control freak, health, health and illness, hypochondria, procrastination, self-esteem, stress, stress at work, thick skin, workaholism

Leisure: Christmas, driving, English language, exciting stuff, good cook bad cook, laziness, living abroad, music, pets, reading, shopping, sport, summer/annual holidays, town mouse or country mouse

Psychological: are you a good friend, anger, are you getting old, arrogance, breaking the rules, conspiracy theories, control freak, fear and terror, good or evil, happiness, humour, hypochondria, introvert or extrovert, man or a mouse, nimbyism, optimism or pessimism, procrastination, risk, self-esteem, stress, stress at work, success or failure, temper temper, thick skin, vanity, workaholism, would I lie to you?

Stereotypes: American, British, French, Polish, Russian, living abroad

Technology: driving, mobile phones, Polish TV, presentations, social media, technophile or technophobe, the internet


You will notice that some topics appear in more than one section, but often the subjects covered will mean there is some degree of overlap.

All these subjects that include a piece of text to read that is connected to the topic, along with a vocabulary list (that usually - but not always! - have no more than twenty words or phrases) for further practice. These are usually prepared as handouts. Those subjects in red are recent new additions (10/10/19). Afterwards, there is usually a fun quiz in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and sharing screen.

American Stereotypes                      Anger                                              Apathy                                           Are you a good friend               

Are you Financially Savvy                Are you getting old                        Arrogance                                      Being Boring                                Breaking the Rules                           British Stereotypes                        Christmas                                      Competitiveness                          Conspiracy theories                         Control Freak                                  Cynicism                                        Dares                                            Dilemmas                                         Driving                                            Ecomentalism                               English language

Ethics at Work                                  Exciting Stuff                                  Fear and Terror                            French Stereotypes                      Give Us a Job                                    Good boss                                      Good Cook Bad Cook                   Good job bad job                        Good or evil                                      Grumpiness                                   Happiness                                      Health                                          Health and illness                            Humour                                         Hypochondria                                Introvert or Extrovert                 Laziness                                            Living Abroad                                Man or a Mouse                            Meetings

Mobile phones                                 Money                                            Music                                              Nimbyism                                    Optimism or pessimism                  Perceptions                                    Pets                                                Polish Stereotypes                      Polish TV                                           Politics                                            Presentations                                Procrastination                          Public Holidays                                Reading                                          Religion                                          Risk                                              Romance                                          Russian Stereotypes                       Self-esteem                                    Shoppi ng                                    Snobbery                                          Social Media                                  Sport                                               Stress                                          Stress at work                                  Success or failure                           Summer (or annual) holidays      Team Player                                Technophile or technophobe         Temper temper                               The Internet                                   Thick Skin                                    Town Mouse or Country Mouse     Vanity                                              Wimpy Kid                                      Workaholism                              Would I lie to you?                           Young at Heart

More subjects will be added to this list over the next few months. And years, probably.

I also have a series of 'random' topics, and these are also ideal for students from pre-intermediate levels and also for older primary school children onwards. These are categorised as:

Agree or disagree                          Changes                                          Choices 1-11                                    Defend the Indefensible           Four weeks on a desert island     Grumpy grammar                          Guess who is coming to dinner      Have you ever? 1-3                   Interesting activities                      Silly Question                                 The last word                                   Unreal conditionals 1-2          Wishes, wants and regrets           Yes No Why 1-29                            Yes No Why Other Half Special

Four weeks on a desert island is almost always the first topic I do with a new student, as they discuss what things they would take to the island for four weeks, whilst allowing me to get to know them a little more. The taboo topics are those subjects which, as a general rule, teachers should avoid completely when taking classes. My questions do not go into personal detail, but should a student choose this topic, they are reminded of the fact that the very subject makes it controversial and that they are free to change the subject.

To give you an idea of the kind of conversations I have, I'm going to give you one of the subjects listed above. There will be ten questions, followed by some additional comments by myself as to how the lesson was conducted at that particular point.

You will need a pencil and paper to record your answers!

If you're ready...

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