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Cartoons as featured in Typical Errors in English, advertising, and others

I have produced several recent cartoons: many were created for the book Typical Errors in English. Some have been commissioned by advertisers, and some others which didn't make any finished product, but I like them anyway. So have a look, have a smile, and if you would like to learn more, please contact me!

This seems a popular image on Google search. A rather strange cartoon that introduces the units on cultural differences in Typical Errors in English.

An unused cartoon from the Typical Errors in English book.

This is a cartoon that was originally drawn for Typical Errors in English, but the unit it introduced had little to do with errors. It's likely, however, to make an appearance on the website.

I liked this cartoon of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a well-known controversial politician in Poland and former prime minister. It was originally going in Typical Errors in English, but the publishers felt that nobody outside Poland would really know who he was. He has since been replaced by the more recognisable Lech Walesa in the book.

From, for those who still have trouble understanding what exactly is a, an and the.

Outside the MultiKino cinema in Krakow, Poland, a frame from a strip cartoon in Typical Errors in English.

The draft design for the cover of the book.

One of many cartoon dogs used by a teacher to demonstrate the words clean and dirty.

Another unused cartoon mouse considered for animation.

Now I thought this was funny. Unfortunately only one other person has openly laughed at the joke - clearly it's on another academic level :-)

A cartoon spider drawn without any picture reference. Just drawn for my son.

An unused cartoon commissioned by a company wanting mice images for a possible animation.

Another image from the English articles explained blog.

A joke about grammar in Typical Errors in English.

A commission that was used and published on the web by a firm that sells online additional computer space.

Another introductory cartoon for the Wrong Words unit in the Typical Errors in English book (unfortunately this is not the original scan - that, for reasons too complicated, is not available)

Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

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