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Conversation topic:  Laziness - How lazy are you?


Do you like doing things when you are told to do them?
How excited do you feel when you are asked to do a task that you really don’t want to do?

Complete the following questionnaire, choosing only one answer from each question to find out!


NOTE: This is the edited version of the PowerPoint quiz that I conduct. (If you want to see the full quiz, you'll have to join me for conversation lessons! But what it does do is give you some idea as to how I conduct this part of the conversation.


Teachers notes: This is where we just simply ask some general questions about the idea of being lazy. Ask students about the kind of things they perhaps hate doing or enjoy doing. What would they ask other people to do and what tasks that people hate doing do they enjoy carrying out?


Explain to students that they are about to see ten multiple choice questions, all about the subject of how lazy (or enthusiastic) they may be in carrying out  tasks that may be considered monotonous or extremely dull.


Tell students to record their choice on a piece of paper as at the end of the questionnaire they will be given points for each answer given and then an assessment on how lazy (or active!) they are!


So let's begin!




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