Peter and the Plastic Snowman now available to download! A children's story, its style perhaps closer to Roald Dahl, but written on many levels to appeal to adults too.

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Seven-year-old Peter Peddington and his father build a snowman in the garden. Inspired by 'The Snowman' book he received for Christmas, Peter goes out at night to find his snowman alive.  However, it is not snow, but nice, warm plastic. The snowman is so excited at being 'so well-made' that he is persuaded by Peter to take him to Auntie Anne’s house. After nearly getting caught out by his Auntie, along with the many complications that follow, Peter learns that his snowman is nothing like the book.  He does not fly from place to place, he is only allowed to jump when taking children home, and at the 'Cloudland' where he meets children from all over the world, he meets the Most Important Plastic Snowman, a over-official and very dislikeable snowman...


You can now read the entire first book of Peter and the Plastic Snowman which you can download by clicking here: A Kindle version is also available at


Note: The cover image is not mine (I did not have time to do my own), but has been designed by the publishers. A simple design, they pretty much followed the description. So well done chaps!


I would love you all to let me know what you think. The second book is in its final draft, and I'm already thinking of ideas for a third, which as things stand would be the final book.



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