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PSTRYK (Click!) based on the children's poem by Julian Tuwim:

translated by Roger Hartopp 

Not a direct translation but with some rewritten and additional parts, but hopefully keeping to the spirit of the Julian Tuwim original.

There’s this switch in my bedroom, it’s white and it’s small,
So I get on my chair ‘cos it’s fixed to the wall.
I’m amazed it’s so easy, a click – the light’s on!
I just press it again, and it’s click! The light’s gone!
And now it’s all dark. But that is all right.
I press it once more and the room’s filled with light!

Click! It’s all dark. Click! Now it’s light.
Click! It’s gone dull. Click! It’s gone bright.
Click! It’s switched off. Click! It’s switched on.
Click! The light’s here! Click! The light’s gone!

So how does it work, then, this switch on the wall?
Is there a secret? Is there one at all?
Is it a firefly flying about?
I’ll go get my book and then try to find out.

It says there’s a wire that helps with this trick,
A current starts flowing soon as I press click.
It’s electrical current to send power right
To the bulb in my room, where it’s now shining bright!

So where does the light come from? Let’s now make this clear.
I just press this switch.

It comes from right here!

Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

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