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Okulary (The glasses/spectacles) by Julian Tuwim:

translated by Roger Hartopp 

What is, in my opinion, the best translation of this popular Polish children's poem into English.

Mr. Hillary’s screaming as he passes, 

“Where on earth’s my pair of glasses?”

He scans his trousers and his suits, 

His left shoe, right shoe, and his boots.

His coats, his shirts and so much more, 

‘Til everything is on the floor.

“Terrible! Shocking! Foul!” he gnashes.

 “Someone’s stole my pair of glasses!’

He snorts as he looks everywhere. 

Under the sofa, here and there.

Up the chimney, looking twice. 

The piano, even checks the mice!

He rips the floorboards with a groan.

He’s going to give the police a phone.

But before he dials, he sees the mirror. 

And then… well, things could not be clearer.

He found his specs. It clearly shows, 

They’re there, on the end of his nose!


Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

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