Stories, poems, prose, and other written goodies

Over several years I have written various pieces of texts, poems, stories and all other kinds of prose. Here I'd like to share a number of them with you, but at the moment I'm only showing extracts as I would like to think that some of you find them entertaining enough to contact me about them. If you are a publisher or even a literary agent, then you can contact me here.

Okulary (The spectacles/glasses)

A popular Polish children's poem translated by myself. Enjoy.


Peter and the Plastic Snowman

Peter and the Plastic Snowman is clearly inspired by the Raymond Briggs story The Snowman, but with a more significant twist in the tale.


The first draft of this story was written some eight years ago, and since then it has gone through many changes to appear in the form you can read now.


The whole book is available for download, click the above for more details.



Complete the Circle

Time travel is not going to be invented. It is just going to happen.


An ontological paradox (sometimes known as a bootstrap paradox) is created when someone from the future travels back in time to pass on an object, information, or themselves to someone in the past, who then uses what has been passed to them in order to create that very situation in the future that allows that person to travel back in time with that object, information, or themselves to that same individual in the past…


And David Lutman is going to be an innocent player, with devastating consequences.


But is there a way to break a loop that will essentially be repeated again and again with no apparent end and with devastating consequences every time? Is it even possible to change events if you already have the knowledge on how to do so?


This is what David Lutman is going to find out as the unwitting victim of a circle that seems destined to never be completed.


This is a story in three acts, and much of the first is presented here.



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