PRICES (cennik)
English conversation, translations and proofing
Prices as from 1 July 2022

Read down the page for price information on the following. 
Prices may be subject to change. 


English conversation via SKYPE
English conversation Face-to-face (F2F)

NOTE: If you are a sole trader or organisation, I can issue invoices for you.


English conversation via online platform (e.g. SKYPE, ZOOM, etc)
These are the fixed prices for SKYPE English conversation lessons:

45 minute lesson: SKYPE 70zl
60 minute lesson: SKYPE 75zl
75 minute lesson: SKYPE 95zl
90 minute lesson: SKYPE 110zl
120 minute lesson: SKYPE 150zl



English conversation Face-to-face (F2F)
NOTE: Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, face-to-face lessons will not be conducted unless advised by the relevant health authority that it is safe to do so.
These are the STARTING prices for English conversation lessons that are conducted in person with the student (also known as Face to Face or F2F lessons):
45 minute lesson: Face-to-face 90zl
60 minute lesson: Face-to-face 110zl
75 minute lesson: Face-to-face 135zl
90 minute lesson: Face-to-face 180zl
120 minute lesson: Face-to-face 220zl
135 minute lesson (3 teaching hours plus at least a 15 minute break): Face-to-face 280zl
180 minute lesson (3 full hours plus at least two ten-minute breaks): Face-to-face 350zl


As mentioned, these are the STARTING PRICES. Additional costs may depend on:

•    If you are a group or an individual (here, the group cost will be a little higher depending on the number of individuals, but would still be cheaper if the group members paid individually);
•    Your location (this depends on where you are from where I am located: if you're close then the charge is minimal or not at all);
•    The travel time to get to your location
•    The number of lessons to be given in one session, known as a 'block'; for example, if you are a company who wants 6 meetings on the same day, then it may be possible to cut, or even remove the price of travel
•    Intensive courses. If, for example, you are an organisation who requires a week's intensive lessons that take up full days, then it is possible that you could receive a discount.
•    If you require lessons on a Saturday, then add 20% to the cost of your lessons. If you require lessons on Sundays or public holidays, add 50% to the cost of your lessons. 

However, my conversation lessons are fantastic value as I provide ORIGINAL MATERIAL for these lessons when you compare me to language schools! If you would like a quote, then please contact me!
For further information on the conditions connected with these lessons, please refer to my FAQs page which can be found at

For further information as regards the processes that concern my proofing of texts, please refer to my proofing page on my personal website at

The price for proofing is 20zl a page. A FINISHED page consists of 1800 characters, including spaces. If the completed text, after proofing of course, consists of 4879 characters (4879 divided by 1800, or 2.71 pages, multiplied by 20zl) then the cost is 54 zloty (54.21). The price is rounded up or down, depending which side of the 54 you are. The minimum price is 30 zloty. The price may be subject to an increase depending on the complexity of the text or the time required for the text.

Please write to for prices and times.

NOTE: If you are a sole trader or organisation, I can issue invoices for you.

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