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How lazy are you? Question 9


9. Choosing one alternative in a, b, c, d and e, which of these activities would you rather do if you had the choice?


 a) Go for a 4 kilometre jog/stay at home and watch TV

b) Walk to work/drive to work (you live two kilometres from work)

c) Go to a fitness club/go to your friends for coffee and cakes

d) Go sightseeing/lie on a beach all day

e) Play football, basketball, or any other activity sport/play computer games


TEACHER'S NOTES: This is a different style of question, so do make students aware that instead of choosing the answer most suitable to them, they should choose either of the two alternatives in each question. So at the end of question 9 they should have five answers, each answer being one of the two alternatives as answers for a, b, c, d, and e.

Check the following vocabulary: Jog (running slowly); sightseeing (the activity of visiting interesting places for pleasure). There are many extra questions you can ask students in conversation about each of their choices and to explain their choices: Do you enjoy jogging? How far do you run? Have you ever done jogging? Why not? What would make you go jogging? Would you jog to work? How far do you live from work? Is it close enough to walk, to cycle, even use public transport?... and so on. No excuse for not thinking up conversational questions here!


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