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How lazy are you? Question 2


2. How often do you do the cleaning around the home?


a) I don’t. I get my other half to do it

b) I don’t. I/we hire a domestic help
c) I just don’t. I’m a slob
d) Once a month
e) Once a week

f) Every other day

g) Every day


TEACHER'S NOTES: It might necessary to explain what is a domestic help (person paid to do cleaning and other household duties around the home) and a slob (unattractive lazy person).


Ask about cleaning duties at home. Who does them? How often do you do them? What tasks do you enjoy/hate doing? Is there a lot of cleaning - do you have a big home? Have you considered bringing in someone who could help with the cleaning if you are too busy to do it yourself? Are you happy to do the cleaning for anybody else?



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