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How lazy are you? Question 4


4. You are at home, on your own, sitting on the sofa, watching telly, generally enjoying your free time. But now you are hungry. What will you do?


a) Go to the kitchen and spend some time preparing home-made soup and a main meal with fresh meat and prepared vegetables

b) Go to the fridge and take out some ham and/or salad, and make a sandwich

c) Order a Pizza or some other takeaway

d) Go out to a fast-food restaurant

e) Go out to a restaurant that serves good food


TEACHER'S NOTES: Telly is colloquail for television. You can add to this by asking students how enthusiastic they are as regards preparing meals. Do you enjoying/dislike cooking? What meals do you like preparing? How far is the nearest restaurant? Do you go there often? Are there any places you regularly visit for meals? How often do you order takeaway meals?


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