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How lazy are you? Question 5


5. Your other half believes you and they need some exercise. You suggest going for a walk, which meets with their approval. How far will you walk from your home?


a) Less than 500 metres

b) Up to a kilometre

c) 2 kilometres

d) 4 kilometres or more

e) More than 4 kilometres if it involves a visit to a café or restaurant

f) You will quite happily walk further if you can get in the car and drive to a national park where the walking will be so much more interesting


TEACHER'S NOTES: This is a good time to discuss the subject of exercise, and perhaps what kinds of exercise everyone enjoys and even offering suggestions on what is best. Ask: How often do you exercise? Do you have a dog that you could exercise with? Is it easy to go running or jogging where you live? Where are the best places to get fit - are there any swimming pools, fitness clubs, parks nearby?

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