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How lazy are you? Question 6



6. Which of these chores do you do regularly – say, once a week?


a) Cleaning the toilet

b) Checking the fluid levels on the car

c) Mowing the lawn (in Summer)

d) The vacuuming

e) The household shopping

f) Clothes washing

g) Cleaning the windows

h) Washing the car by hand



TEACHER'S NOTES: Check understanding of chores (routine tasks done for home, sometimes unpleasant), fluid levels (checking that the water, oil and other liquids in the car engine are correct, also the air in the tyres), mowing the lawn (cutting the grass in the garden with a grass cutting tool, in UK English known as a lawnmower), vacuuming (using a device for sucking up dust and bits from the floor), and household shopping (buying food and goods for the home).

This is a good conversation topic when it comes to discussing roles and duties around the home, particularly if there are other members of the family. Ask: How often do you do the chores? What do you enjoy/dislike? Do you and your family have specific jobs to do? What is the worst chore? If you had the money, would you hire someone to do these tasks?


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