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How lazy are you? Question 7


7. Which of these bits of activity would you be happy to do NOW?


 a) Watch TV, listen to music, read a book or use a computer

b) Lie on the sofa and to have a snooze

c) Work

d) Do some washing or cleaning

e) Some rigorous, physical activity (Sorry, romantic embraces do not count)

f) Nothing at all

g) Some other activity which involves some kind of physical effort


TEACHER'S NOTES: snooze (a short sleep); rigorous (thorough, tough, challenging); romantic embrace (holding each other tightly and lovingly!)

Make students aware that now literally means now, in the middle of this questionnaire! Ask: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Are there any other activities that you enjoy doing if you could do them now? Are you the kind of a person who has to be doing something at any time? Do you take some time out during the day simply to rest? 


Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

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