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How lazy are you? Your results...


TEACHER'S NOTES: You may well be asked to explain certain words and phrases: full of beans (very active); intense (strong, forceful); crash out (stop and just lie down, relax and do nothing); go to pot (to lose complete control); pampering (the activity of getting someone to do everything for you); circumstances (situation you are in); so and so (here, someone who is just difficult).


Get different students to read each paragraph. Check for pronounciation.


WANT MORE? There is another questionnaire in this style (but without the teacher's notes), but it's a quiz that I would recommend students do privately! If you want to know more, click here.



Ah yes, you are very much the active type, the type that just can’t sit down and relax; the type that is so full of beans you have this intense need to always do something. You really don’t like the idea of not having anything to do. The concept of relaxation is alien to you – you are probably terrified that the moment you decide you do nothing, it will be like a disease that will spread to the rest of your body and you will end up being a lazy fat pig. The idea that someone else might offer to do something to help you sends you into a cold sweat! We can assure you that that will not happen. Find yourself a couple of hours a week. If you still want a part of your body to be active, then let it be the mind – sit down and enjoy a good book if you think that sitting in front of a screen will make you feel guilty.



You are the type of individual who likes to be active but can find some time to relax, enjoy yourself and crash out a little. But you certainly like to keep control of things and are keen not to let things go to pot. You do care about yourself and others around you, and you can be annoyed at others that do not show the same amount of enthusiasm as you do for important routines that require work.



You very much fall into the middle category here. When it comes to actually doing activity, you require some motivation before you get around to actually doing it. But when you do, you are enthusiastic about doing it. But equally you enjoy those lazy times with sitting in front of the computer or watching TV, and having your other half being your servant and pampering you a little bit. But be careful – you will begin to expect this regularly to the point that you will start to let your standards slip. Perhaps circumstances may have put you into this position – Doctor’s orders, perhaps.


10 and below

You are a lazy so and so. The concept of having to do activities that require a reasonable amount of your time fills you with horror, and you would prefer to delay it until the last possible moment, and even then, still not do it! Unless you have a very sympathetic other half, you either have everything arranged for you or you just can’t be bothered. This has now created another problem for you as you may well have lost the will to do things for yourself, and you may well now have become completely dependant on somebody else. Do you know how the oven works? The washing machine? Have you explored the neighbourhood around you on foot? Unless you receive some kind of shock that gives you some kind of violent reaction and gets you off your bottom, you may need to seek psychological help. Or perhaps you have stacks of money and you don’t care, then in which case we wish we were you!

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