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How lazy are you? Your scores...


1.   a)4    b)3    c)4    d)1    e)0    f)0

2.   a)0    b)0    c)-1   d)1    e)2    f)3    g)4

3.   a)1    b)1    c)4    d)0    e)0

4.   a)4    b)2    c)0    d)1    e)1 

5.   a)0    b)1    c)2    d)4    e)3    f)4 

6.   Score half a point for every answer chosen

7.   a)0    b)0    c)4    d)3    e)4    f)0    g)3

8.   a)4    b)4    c)3    d)2    e)1    f)0    g)0

9.   Score 1 point for every first choice answer: 0 for every second

10. a)4    b)1    c)0    d)0    e)0    f)0


TEACHER'S NOTES: Get students to mark their results and to give each of the answers the points displayed here. Then they should add up their scores and come up with their totals.


It is unlikely that your students will have chosen a total that is more than 30 points or less than 11, but do get them to read the comments given for each set of scores and whether they agree with the comments. Should anyone get the low or higher scores, you may well be surprised that they will agree with you! That is why the whole quiz should be treated as fun.

Author, cartoonist, language instructor, English text proofing, and a definite sense of humour

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